Why an independent agent
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Why Should you choose an independent agent?

Selecting an insurance agent is as important as selecting the right doctor or attorney for your family or business needs.  Unlike telephone representatives or captive agents, the Independent Insurance Agent represents multiple insurance companies and has the flexibility to research their companies to locate the best coverage, price and service for you.

The Independent Agent is able to assist you with all your personal and business insurance needs.  You will no longer need one agent for your car, another for your home, and yet another for business.  Independent Agents offer expertise in various types of coverage and are always there to serve and protect your financial assets.  The following is a brief list of characteristics of an Independent Agent:

•Is licensed by the State of Texas
•Required by state law to fulfill continuing education requirements to maintain their license
•Offers not only superior services, but competitive prices to fit your insurance needs
•Has a full-time staff assigned to your account to assist you in all your needs
•Can provide personal, commercial and life/health coverages
•Reviews your coverage annually
•Provides agency claim personnel in most cases to support you when a claim arises
•Can offers risk management services to their commercial clients
•Continually monitors the financial status of insurance companies

The Independent Agent offers a wide range of services which include customer satisfaction!

Need an agent?

Looking for a new agent? Did you know you should shop your insurance every year upon renewal to ensure you are getting the best rate possible? If you are ready for a pay raise, use our "Find an Agent" search tool today! Let them shop your policy through all potential markets, not just one.


Industry Jargon

Are you confused with the industry jargon? Do you need help understanding some, or all, of the terms frequently used in writing insurance policies? Below we have a list of terms to help you in understanding your insurance policy better. Click on the link below.

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