Purpose & Direction
Purpose & Direction
Purposefully Driven.

Our purpose is

To encourage and support those insurance principles, programs and regulations which are in the best public interest; to enlighten members as to the insurance laws of the State of Texas and to the rules and regulations for the writing of insurance as approved by the Commissioner of Insurance of the State of Texas; and to support and encourage all activities to reduce loss of life and property on streets, highways, in homes and places of employment.

To support a program of continuing education for member agents to assist them in attaining and maintaining the highest professional competence. To encourage high standards of ethical and professional conduct by agents.

To promote a greater public understanding and knowledge of the insurance industry and its vital and necessary role in our society.

To generally promote the best interests of its membership by all reasonable and honorable means and to engage in such activities or purposes as shall be necessary, convenient, or incidental to any of the foregoing purposes including, but not limited to, the providing of an employment bureau services for its members.

And to support the policies of the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (“IIAT”).

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