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Many consumers looking to buy insurance have many questions regarding which type of insurance they need to buy, and how much coverage is necessary. While we have addressed many common questions here, those not found within this website can be addressed by contacting your local independent agent. The Independent Insurance Agents of Houston prides itself on aiding the insurance needs of those individuals in its community, rather it be a personal or commercial need. This website was created with the consumer in mind to use as a tool when seeking to buy insurance.

Members of the Independent Insurance Agents of Houston are also members of your community. They may be your neighbor, an active member at your church, or your children may play ball together on the local baseball team. So keep in mind as you "shop" for your insurance needs that these people, members of your community, are there not only to lookout for your best interest, but the interest of the community which you both live in, with a common goal to ensure it prospers.

Why Choose An Independent Agent

The Independent Agent is able to assist you with all your personal and business insurance needs-you no longer need one agent for your car, another for your home, and yet another for business. Independent Agents offer expertise in various types of coverage and are there to serve and protect your financial assets. Click here for a more information on why you should choose an Independent Agent.

Disaster Preparedness

The 2010 Hurricane Season is officially here and the Independent Insurance Agents of Houston are committed to assisting the community in being prepared. As we experienced with Hurricane Ike a storm may last only a day, but the devastation can last up to months and even years. Being prepared is the key to recovery. For more click here.

Consumers Guide

As Independent Insurance Agents we are committed to educating the consumer by providing answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please click on the link below to find answers to these questions. If you do not see your areas of interests please check back, as it is updated often. For more click here.

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